Friday, June 04, 2010

I'm teaching a Mini Class at EDAC in July. Below you will see the Mini Class I'm teaching. I had SOOOOOOOOOOO! MUCH FUN creating her. I could sit for hours making Miss Prissy Pincushions. I made 5 Miss Prissy Pincushions. After my Mini Class ends; One of my students will WIN "MISS PRISSY PINCUSHION" Miss Prissy Pincushion loves hanging out in my studio and watching me create more and more of her. :-)

MEET "MISS PRISSY PINCUSHION" I'm making up kits for my Miss Prissy Pincushion Mini Class. I also am getting lots of stuff together for my Sales Table at EDAC. Got lots and lots of work to do. Tha't another reason I'm so quite and haven't been posting much. (the other reason is....My SINUES are KILLING ME.) After EDAC is over and I'm back home; I will start on lots of new creations and old creations. :-) It's going to hit 102 degrees here today. It went from the 70 & 80 degrees to the100's. It skipped the 90's all together. !! THAT'S VEGAS!!
I really really HATE the HOT WEATHER HERE!! I stay in doors as much as possible. :-)
P.S. Miss Prissy Pincuhion pattern and instructions will be FOR SALE in Pattern form in early August, 2010 AND Miss Prissy Pincushion Kits will be available also.
More Later,
Love & Hugs

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