Saturday, April 17, 2010


HAPPY WEEKEND TO ALL!! I spent from 10A.M.- 2 P.M. at our doll club. I taught this months project. I taught them how to make hands with fingers. It was fun and everyone had a good time. After the meeting several of us met at Starbucks and talked and laughed. After that I went to Nancy's Quilt Shop and bought some yummy fabrics to add to my stash!! YES! I HAD TO HAVE MORE FABRIC! LOL!! I really did need one piece I bought BUT I had to have more. :-) Got some of it on sale. So, that's good. :-)

The past few days I have been working on a new doll. I will post her picture when I finish her. Probably not until Tuesday evening or Wednesday. Ken and I are going away for a couple of days. His sister and her hubby(my SIL & BIL) are going with us. Won't be home until Tuesday sometime. I guess it's nice to get out of Vegas for a couple of days. SHHHHH!!! don't tell anyone but I wish we were going to Texas. :-) We are going to Laughlin, NV and Bullshead, AZ. Hotter there than here. That I don't like. Yes, there's Casinos in Laughlin. I'm taking doll stuff and doll books while there. We won't spend all our time in the Casino, we never do. I'm not giving them my money!!! I WANT THEIR MONEY!!! LOL We will go to Oatman which is an old old old town. It has neat stuff there. The donkies rome the streets and you feed them carrots. There's one shop that has THE BEST ICE CREAM CONES!! I've been good on my diet this week. I lost 3 lbs. NOPE I WON'T PUT IT BACK ON. I won't eat any ice cream cones. :-)

Guess I better get off here. I have to go to our perfume shop and pick up my hubby.
More when I get back from our short but nice get away. :-)

Everyone Have A Wonderful Fun Weekend.
Love & Hugs

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