Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Well, I was hoping to have the New Year start out better but doesn't look like it. We shall see about that. :-) I'll turn it around as soon as I get my Studio in order. I already have a schedule of what I'm creating and the creating time. I know I know, that usually doesn't work but we shall see. :-)

I've also been busy doing this and that. I'm in the middle of cleaning and rearranging my Studio. It's taking me a lot longer than I thought it would. Nothing new there. LOL I have way too much stuff. hehehe! It will be nice when it's finished. I PROMISE MYSELF THAT I WILL CLEAN UP AFTER EACH DAY THAT I CREATE!!! I WILL!!!
I'm organizing myself. :-) I have a good plan and I WILL STICK TO IT!!! X X Yes, those are crossed fingers. :-)

I'm having some computer problems as usual along with some other computer problems that has taken me days(week so far) to get straightened out. Got it under control and hope nothing else happens.

I'll get off my soap box about myself. HEHEHEHE!!! It's upsetting when things happen and takes so long to get them fixed or straightened out. The Internet is great but it does have it's problems and takes time to fix it.

Everyone Have A Wonderful Day,
Love & Hugs

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vivian said...

hi Fran! show us pictures of your studio when youve finished cleaning up! (or before, we like to see each others messes too)
have a wonderful weekend!