Thursday, March 26, 2009



Mr. Blueberry Troll now has his Magic Mushroom back and OOOOOOOOOO! is he ever HAPPY!!! Mr. Blueberry Troll is in the woods picking lots and lots of .......YES! BLUEBERRIES!


Meet Mr. Blueberry Troll. OH How he loves Blueberries and especially Blueberry Pie. He's bad, he won't share his blueberries or blueberry pie with anyone. AND I DO MEAN HE WON'T SHARE!!! You see what happen to Mr. Blueberry Troll; he has eaten so many blueberry's he is turning blue in places. Look at his hair, BLUE!!! it used to be brown. His eyes used to be brown also and now they are BLUE!! His clothing is blue also. He thinks he looks very Dapper!!! Yes, Dapper he said. hehehehe Don't even think about touching his blueberries.... He has a Magic Mushroom that told him if he eats too many blueberries he will start seeing himself turning blue. It's the Magic of Blueberries. His Magic Mushroom is being repaired. SOMEONE DROPPED IT AND BROKE IT!!! OOOOOOOOO!!! Mr. Blueberry Troll is soooooooo upset with the person that drop and broke his Magic Mushroom. AND WE ALL KNOW WHO THAT PERSON IS !! .......... YES! I DID IT!!! hehehehe SHHHHHHHHHH!!! Mr. Blueberry Troll DOES NOT KNOW IT WAS MY HANDS THAT DROPPED HIS MAGIC MUSHROOM AND BROKE IT!! Don't tell Mr. Blueberry Troll it was me. He thinks I'm great and I wouldn't do anything like that BECAUSE I created him and his magic mushroom. He now wants me to fix his mushroom. I re-assured him I would and I WILL!! IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!! REALLY IT WAS!! :-) Mr. Blueberry Troll will have a new Magic Mushroom tomorrow. STAND BY.............CHECK FOR MAGIC MUSHROOM TOMORROW.
Have A Great Day!!!
Love & Hug

Thursday, March 19, 2009


No, I haven't fallen by the way side. :-) I've been busy with dolls, family, allergies, etc etc etc.
You know those everyday life things?????

March is almost gone and it seems it was March 1st a few days ago. Time sure does fly by us.

Had a wonderful visit with my daughter Nicole while she was here. I miss her but will see her in May when we go to PA. They plan on coming to Vegas to our house for Christmas. What a wonderful Christmas that would be.

I'm back on my diet and lost 2 lbs this week. I look back and think why do I loose weight and then turn right around and put it back on and then some? Well, I am determined to stick to this diet and keep it off. After all I have a closet with lots of clothes I can't get into. :-) I can go shopping in my own closet when I loose this weight. My weakness is sweets! OOOOOOOO!! M&M's are my favorite. I have been good and have not had an M&M in awhile. Every now and then won't hurt. I do the points on Weight Watchers. For now I am trying not to eat them. :-)
I don't have any M&M's in the house. I will HAVE to have M&M's when I go to EDAC in July.
That is a MUST!!! If I didn't bring M&M's they would really think something was wrong with me. LOL!!! Some of you know about me and my M&M's at EDAC. It's a doll conference I have been going to for years. Wish I could go to all the doll conferences. :-) I'm Room Mom for EDAC. I also will be going to ODACA DAYS in July. I'm Aux Chair and help with the Luncheon, raffles, etc. ODACA DAYS will be in Atlanta, GA this year.
A couple more wonderful conferences are; M M & M in Sept. in Ky and AFIC in April in OH. There's lots more conferences and I would love to go to all the conferences but can't. :-(

Just wanted to post a note to let all know that I'm still alive and kickin. hehehe!!
Now I have to go finish working on my Little Victorian Boy Pattern. His name is Ethan. His body is finished and I'm working on his clothing. Hope to have him finished soon. I'll post pictures of him when finished.

More Later.
Love & Hugs

Sunday, March 01, 2009


We have a new granddaughter. Her name is Carissa Lee, 6 lbs. 6 oz. Born Feb. 28. We won't get to cuddle her until late in May. Hope to have some pictures soon. We did see a picture on our daugthers Face Book. Carissa was not a happy camper at all. LOL

More Later. I'm going to go back to watching NASCAR!!! NASCAR is here in Las Vegas. Just up the road from my house. I won't go because it's just way too crowded. I have a better view right here on our TV set. :-0 Hope Dale Jr. wins. :-)
Love & Hugs