Thursday, March 26, 2009



Mr. Blueberry Troll now has his Magic Mushroom back and OOOOOOOOOO! is he ever HAPPY!!! Mr. Blueberry Troll is in the woods picking lots and lots of .......YES! BLUEBERRIES!


Meet Mr. Blueberry Troll. OH How he loves Blueberries and especially Blueberry Pie. He's bad, he won't share his blueberries or blueberry pie with anyone. AND I DO MEAN HE WON'T SHARE!!! You see what happen to Mr. Blueberry Troll; he has eaten so many blueberry's he is turning blue in places. Look at his hair, BLUE!!! it used to be brown. His eyes used to be brown also and now they are BLUE!! His clothing is blue also. He thinks he looks very Dapper!!! Yes, Dapper he said. hehehehe Don't even think about touching his blueberries.... He has a Magic Mushroom that told him if he eats too many blueberries he will start seeing himself turning blue. It's the Magic of Blueberries. His Magic Mushroom is being repaired. SOMEONE DROPPED IT AND BROKE IT!!! OOOOOOOOO!!! Mr. Blueberry Troll is soooooooo upset with the person that drop and broke his Magic Mushroom. AND WE ALL KNOW WHO THAT PERSON IS !! .......... YES! I DID IT!!! hehehehe SHHHHHHHHHH!!! Mr. Blueberry Troll DOES NOT KNOW IT WAS MY HANDS THAT DROPPED HIS MAGIC MUSHROOM AND BROKE IT!! Don't tell Mr. Blueberry Troll it was me. He thinks I'm great and I wouldn't do anything like that BECAUSE I created him and his magic mushroom. He now wants me to fix his mushroom. I re-assured him I would and I WILL!! IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!! REALLY IT WAS!! :-) Mr. Blueberry Troll will have a new Magic Mushroom tomorrow. STAND BY.............CHECK FOR MAGIC MUSHROOM TOMORROW.
Have A Great Day!!!
Love & Hug


Debbie said...

looks great! I love blueberry pie too


Debb said...

I love him he really cute
Debb G.

Patti LaValley said...

He's so cute! This is way out of the box for you, love it!

Hoopie said... trolls


Karen Mallory said...

What a great Troll Fran!! Love the sculpturing!! Blueberries!! Love it!!
hugs Karen

CAT said...

Wow, he is so cute. I think blue looks great on him. I too love blueberries, but I have to share withhubby. Bummer. Looking forward to seeing his magic mushroom.

Cody Goodin said...

Really cute troll Fran. I love the idea too. It makes a great story.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Fran he is so cute love everything about him

Betty said...

Good scuplting job on the Blueberry Troll! I didn't know you were into clays, etc. WOW! I, too, love the Trolls.

Fran said...

Thank y'all for all your nice comments about Mr. Blueberry Troll. I love to sculpt. I've been sculpting since 1995. I don't sculpt as often as I make cloth dolls and clay face pressmolds for some of my cloth dolls.
Magic Mushroom is being re-created as I type. I will show him later toay. :-)

Judi W. said...


Anonymous said...

He is so cute Fran! I love blueberries too! You did a great job he is fabulous!!

LouiseB said...

Wonderful, wonderful,wonderful and we won't tell a soul as to who dropped the magic mushroom..All very clever indeed

Mo'a said...

He is wonderful. I also love blueberries...they are very good for you. I never knew they could turn you blue ;]

Nita Butler said...

Oh Fran...I love the troll and the mushroom! You are so talented!!! Great pieces and wonderful work!


Susan said...
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Susan said...

He is so cute, thanks for sharing him with us, even if he won't share. You have wonderful sculpting skills. Take care, Susan

p.s. I had to delete my first comment, as it had a bunch of typos in it, sorry.

HElen said...

Great work! Love the troll and his Mushroom!

Jean Bernard said...

Toooo cute! wonder if thats why my hair was blue last year ??? love that shroom too !
love ya

Deanna Hogan said...

He's adorable! Love the expression on his face, too~


UteV said...

OMG woman, he's awesome! And as our friend Jean would say "Can I have him?". He is absolutely spectacular. YOU go girl!!!!

Natalie said...

OH Fran---

He is one of my FAVORITES!!!
Pure Perfection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am experiencing problems with my email (once again) and had written privately regarding Mr. Blueberry. He's Terrific...
Love the mushroom too.

Hope all is well.

Love Ya,


Fran said...

I know what you mean about email troubles. I have them from time to time. Haven't seen an email from you lately. Glad you like Mr. Blueberry. I had lots of fun making him. Thanks for your wonderful comments.
Love & Hugs