Saturday, December 26, 2009


WISHING THAT ALL HAD A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY. We had a wonderful Christmas. As some of you know my husband and I own a Perfume Shop here in Vegas. During the Christmas Holidays I have to work everyday from Opening to Closing. We are ready for bed as soon as we drag our tired bodies into our house each evening JUST TO GET UP EARLY THE NEXT DAY AND DO THE SAME THING EVERYDAY FOR 9 DAYS IN A ROW. LOL LOL!! I keep telling my husband this is the 9TH CHRISTMAS in a row now. LOL LOL I'm tired I guess. I just want to have one year that we can have a normal Christmas without being so tired. hehehe
I really shouldn't complain, our store is holding it's own. Not like some that have gone under. I really do Pray and count our Blessings.

I do have a few Christmas pictures and I will post them later.

HAPPY NEW YEAR is next. :-) I'm looking forward to a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR in 2010.
I will post pictures and most stuff later.
Love & Hugs
Fran who is going back to our Perfume Shop to work some this afternoon then we are going out for supper with some friends.

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vivian said...

a perfume shop sounds so classy! do you guys make your own perfumes too? sorry you have to work so much, but like you said, at least you have a good strong busy business!
Happy New year FRan!