Sunday, July 19, 2009


ODACA was wonderful. The dolls are just amazing. What talent everyone has. I enjoy being part of ODACA (Original Doll Artist Counsil of America). I'm the Aux member Chair. I help with the conference. The center piece dolls were to die for. I won the one at my table. WOOOOHOO!! Stevi T. was the artist who made the table center pieces (Fairy God Mother; made of resin and cloth)this year. My camera is dead so I will have to take pictures later. Randy Taylor made dolls for everyone at each table. How cute they are . A little sculpted baby on a lady bug.

EDAC is July 30 - Aug. 2 in New Mexico. (I'm leaving Las Vegas on July 28th and will return home on Aug. 3rd) This is a FANTASTIC DOLL CONFERENCE. I've been going for quit a few years now. I'm also the room mom. I make sure everyone has a room and roommate. I've been working on dolls and other things for EDAC. I just finished a Banquet Table Doll to be auctioned off after the Banquet. The Theme is Magic. That is wide open for the imagination. I'm working on other dolls and other things for my sales table. I'm also teaching a mini class on Friday night. Got to finish the kits. I'm making something for the Newbies (people attending for the 1st time) OOOOOOOOO!!! So much to do in SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Little Time!!!

So that is my Clue to get off the computer and get back to work. :-)
More Later
Love & Hugs

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vivian said...

Hi FRan!
You are one busy busy lady! I would love to be able to go.. maybe someday. Everything is always so far away from here.. so unfair!
anyways, cant wait to see pictures!
will be looking for your next post!