Friday, April 24, 2009



Meet "MISTER MEEHAN" He is a 2 year old Chestnut Thoroughbred. Isn't he beautiful?He is my husbands name sake. One of his Marine friends that he was in Viet Nam with now owns race horses. He named a horse after my husband Ken. What a wonderful thing for him to do. While we are away in PA & NY we are going to visit them in Delaware and we will get to meet "MISTER MEEHAN". I get to feed "MISTER MEEHAN Peppermint Candies. Horses LOVE Peppermint Candies. They are so gentle eating out of your hand. We will be there for the Memorial Day Parade & Program. My husband, Ken will raise the USMC flag during the ceremoies. He also has a brick with his name on it at the Viet Nam Memorial. I'm so excited for him.

I promised I would post today and I did. :-) Now I'm going back to dying fabric and work on dolls.
Love & Hugs


Anonymous said...

Well so much for coming out from under the woodwork *wink*

Horse is gorgeous. My aunt rescued a retired racer many years ago. He was so majestic and yet the most gentle creature.

It's good hear some GOOD horse news in light of the sadness of the many lost during the polo match. Oh my heart sunk when I heard the news. Bad enough what they go through let alone make the journey to the matches just to die when they get there.

vivian said...

oh so sweet! I love horses, but I'm nervous around them..they are soo big! thats awesome about your husband !
cant wait to see what projects youre working on !
enjoy your weekend.

Nita Butler said...

Congrats to Ken! I think the horse is wonderful and I am thrilled that you get the chance to visit him!

Judy said...

Love your new horse! He is so handsome!! I had a friend who raised thoroughbreds.