Wednesday, December 17, 2008


SNOW IN LAS VEGAS!!! Pictures below are when the snow started.

I haven't been on the computer all day because I've been busy working in my studio.
I HAD to show Y'All these pictures. IT'S SNOWING IN VEGAS!!! Big storm coming in and we are under a Winter Advisory until 6 A.M. tomorrow(Thursday) morning.

The pictures are when the snow first started. I'll take more later tonight or in the morning. Parts of the Valley are getting more snow due to being higher up and close to the mountains.

The weather says we are going to see 3 to 6 inches around the valley and some parts could see up to 10 inches. ROFL!!! Sorry, I have to laugh because we don't see this much snow in one snow fall. We had 4 to 5 inches in 2006 but it was gone in a few hours. My poor roses are cold.

This snow started as rain and turned into snow. It's coming up from California. The news also said, it's snowing in Malibou, California. That's something that doesn't happen. Weird weather.
Love & Hugs


vivian said...

how cool! ha! "cool" ha! get it??? heehee.. sometimes I just cant help myself!
Its snowing here too.. but its supposed to! enjoy it! I wish ours would only last a few hours!

Susan said...

I'm jealous, we are shrouded in fog, but still no snow for us. Enjoy it. In regards to the copic markers, I really like them and no, as long as you remember to replace the caps, they do not dry out. Mine are over a year old and are as "juicy" as ever. Check out the Copic marker site for lots of great info on them. Also check out my sidebar, "I Like Markers" for a blogger that uses them. Take care, Susan.