Monday, September 08, 2008


I'm back from teaching Dancine at Indiana. What a wonderful fun group they are. I loved every minute I was there. We went to a Boutique at a woman's house. WOW!!! great stuff and great prices. We went to and had Greek food that was to die for. YUMMY YUMMY!!! I loved seeing green grass and trees again. I even got to see some RAIN. hehehe Here in Las Vegas we don't see hardly any water falling out of the sky. We see lots of water sprinklers in yards. :-) Indiana is a beautiful clean state just like my home state Kentucky. Now I'm back in the desert, it was 100 degree when I arrived home at 8 P.M. last night. 100 degree at that time of night at this time of year is above normal.

Dancine class went great. I can't wait to see all the dolls totally finished. I wanted and I tried to get them all to give me their dolls. LOL LOL!!! They laughed at me too. :-0 Thank You for a wonderful time. Everyone of you are special and I enjoyed the time spent with all of you.

I'm off to wash clothes and pack for Hawaii. Think I might give the Hula a try while I'm there. hehehehehe!! See Y'ALL when I get back. Yes, I'm taking my camera and yes I will use it.
Love & Hugs & ALOHA!!!! I think I spelled it right. hehehehe

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Mo'a said...

Bon voyage...Hawaii is great, I have been there two times to a Marilyn and Gail retreat. Have a wonderful time.