Tuesday, October 30, 2007



The above picture is a picture the camera took several Halloween's ago in Carson City, NV and of course the dock sent it to the program in the computer.

Seems I killed my Camera and Dock. The dock was dying several weeks ago. Nothing could be done except replace it. Cost more to replace it than it would be to buy a new camera and dock. The camera was holding it's own UNTIL last night........OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I took a few pictures of my Black & White Challenge doll. I plugged the camera into the computer so I could send pictures to the Challenge. The dock was almost dead and wouldn't and couldn't send pictures after that. Pictures got to the Challenge BUT POOR POOR DOCK TOTALLY DIED----------THEN in a matter of MINUTES THE CAMERA TOTALLY DIED TOO!!! SPOOKY!!! I thank them both for waiting until I took pictures and sent them on before they DIED!!! It was just like them to hang on until the last minute. May they both REST IN PEACE!!! They were well used. They were good to me while they lasted. NOW I MUST buy new ones tomorrow to replace them. Well, they are going to miss Halloween!!! EEEEEKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!

Love & Hugs


Judi Wellnitz said...

It's a demon curse from hell ... or at least a dead battery! AIYEEEE ...

Kai said...

Oh - gasp - lol! I'm sorry, Little Frannie! I'm not laughing at the demise of your camera equipment - HONEST! Just at your wonderful sense of humor about it! ROFL! LOVE THAT PHOTO!!!!! It's priceless!

Fran said...

ROFL!!! My sense of humor comes out sometimes. ROFL
Love & Hugs