Friday, April 20, 2007


Here's Rachel getting dressed. She will have arms, just haven't put them on her yet. Rachel is telling me she thinks she wants black hair now. Don't be surprised if Rachel is black headed next time you see her. This gal is giving me fits with all the changes. I'm giving up for the night and going to go to bed. I will work on Rachel tomorrow and maybe finish her.
Love & Hugs


Bear said...

Hi Frannie
I love her look and wot you are doing with her costume- its truly beautiful
and girl I agree with the idea of darker hair- I think it would look better as well- shes always looked like a dark hair beauty to me
love wot ya has done though shes going to be a beauty for sure
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

I think she will want the dark hair back, she is looking lovely as always!

MaryO said...

Or how about red hair? She's going to be lovely no matter what color her hair turns out to be!

JudiA said...

MMMmmmmmmm... I LOVE that black/white fabric for her dress, and I agree, the black hair is worth a try. Won't she be a drama queen with those so-blue eyes! It's been a lot of fun watching her evolve Fran. Thanks for sharing.


Linda said...

Love the black and white fabric...cant' wait to see what color hair she wants

Yvette said...

She is gorgeous!
I think she might be pretty with red hair. But black might be nice as well.
I love the black and white - it is stunning!

Judi said...

I suppose you're going to have to try both red and black! The red would pick up her lip color so it wouldn't stand out as much as the blond. I do love that blond though. She sure is a pretty one!