Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Mary Ann & Bonnie of Dollmakers Journey.com sent me their Lady Chatelaine pattern for Christmas. I'm suppose to be working on the instructions for my up coming online class BUT with the Holidays I've been doing everything else. I needed to sit back relax and do something other than what I'm suppose to do. ROFL!!! I just finished Lady Chatelaine the pincushion. I had so much fun making her. Go to Dollmakersjourney.com and purchase Lady Chatelaine pattern. You will have lots of fun making her. It's a perfect size.
Here's a pic of Lady Chatelaine pincushion I made. I used my clay face Little Dolls From My Soul. I couldn't stick pins in her NOT YET!!! LOL!
Love & Hugs


Kai said...

Oh, Little Frannie, she's 'splendiferous'! LOL! Her bright, cheerful colors would make ANY sewing or crafting area a happier place! And stick PINS in her? Arrrrrrggghhh! Noooooooo!

Judi said...

Fantastic - she is very Caribbean! You should make a bunch of these and sell them in your store as holders for little tiny bottles of perfume!

Linda said...

She is delightful, Fran! I love, love, love the fabric and colors you used. She is very exotic looking.
Linda F from FL

Linda said...

What can I say that hasn't already been said? She is a very happy piece. She makes me smile.
Auntie Linda

S. Nicolas Originals said...

Ohh, I like this. Great project for a happy soul. Don't blame you for not wanting stick pins in her.

Jacque Uetz said...

Fran she is wonderful, I love the colors too ,I finished mine and this pattern was lots of fun..Where are you LOL!!

Fran said...

Thank Y'all for the nice comments about the pin cushion.
It was lots of fun.
Love & Hugs

Lenny said...

I'm trying tof find out the derivation of the name "Lady Chatelaine".

Did she exist? Is it from fiction? Myth?

I would appreciate anyone's comments